Karen Loy Aronson

I have a vision and this vision tells you all about how I live my life and wish to inspire you to do the same. This vision is all about…
Feeling good about yourself.
Taking care of yourself.
Learning all you can about yourself.
Whether you are at a yoga class, on a course / retreat, or one on one, my vision is to help you find balance in your life.
The balance between doing and being. Work and rest. Without this balance our mind, body or soul will experience blocks that effect our well-being, our energy and our zest in life.

How ARE you feeling?

We are all meant to feel good. Throughout our busy days, we have forgotten the small breaks, stopping to notice where we are at and what we are doing. Paying attention to that which is most important and changing course towards the things and people we love and fill us up.

Sit for a moment with your eyes closed and just feel. Feel your heart, feel your body, and feel these good things and people in your life. Feel the good vibration that begins to flow. We all know what is important when we give ourselves that moment of peace and quiet to reset and recharge. Do this exercise as many times as you want throughout your day.

Personal guidance...

Karen is a wonderfully skilled at what she does. She has wisdom and knowledge which she shares in a very unique and compassionate way. She greets you with an open heart and mind and I am grateful for all that she has given me.

? Line

On a yoga retreat ...

I took some classes w Karen -outdoors in Silverstar BC - highly recommend btw. I loved her pace, great smile and encouragement. I was inspired to start my own salutations each morning after that. Such a great way to start the day. In gratitude.

? Jo-Anne