6 Essential Principles

When you book a lecture, personal session, course or workshop with me, I refer to these essential principles…


–  the air we breathe is the first form of nutrition we need to stay alive; it is the food of the cells, our life force, and through the yogic teachings of breath work you will be amazed how much vitality you can gain.


– is our next life force.  Our bodies are more than often dehydrated and the necessity of water to cleanse, absorb and, get rid of all wastes is very important. Cleansing is a necessary ritual.


- the food we eat has a direct effect on our energy and vitality. There is not one diet for all. What is important for food choices is balance; real food from real sources, reducing your stimulants and being aware how your choices are affecting your body and the world around us.


–  our bodies are born to move. Without movement, the body deteriorates. It`s this simple, if you don´t use it, you lose it. What is most important, is finding movement that gives you joy, creativity and growth. It is not just Workin Out, but also Workin In.


– we all need sleep and rest. We all need a break. Without the right amounts we cannot recharge, reflect and reset. We need to be aware of these patterns and their importance.


– what you think and project becomes your reality. This reality is also the body language you project and, the image the rest of the world meets when they see you. Reminding ourselves there is always other options, thinking positive and learning to navigate through the storms are tools for thoughts.


Let food be thy medicine, let thoughts be thy healing, let YOU be your first priority.