Life`s a journey, enjoy the ride.

I love this quote. It is a good reminder for me on life and balance. The balance between doing and being. Work and rest. Work and play.

Life has given me some difficult challenges,  and some amazing moments, and I have great mentors and people who inspire me and help keep me on my path. I have faith and willpower to see life as a never-ending education, where sometimes I am the one teaching, sometimes I am the one learning, and sometimes, I can just sit back and enjoy. That for me is the school of life, where we are constantly learning, searching, observing and transforming.

What I have discovered on my own journey, is how out of balance I was and how important being in balance is. Being out of balance made me sick, took my energy, and I quickly lost my focus and path. It took me a while to find my way back home. Home for me is where my heart is. The heart is our magnet and attracts what is right and honest for us.  Our journey will never be the same as another’s and, this is a very important factor to remember when we try to be someone other that who we are. When we learn to live from the voice of the heart, we are living our own dreams and our own life. I had to find my heart again, calm the voice in my head, and learn to listen.

This is what I would like to be for you. To be that doorway of inspiration to a more heartfelt life. When we are taking care of ourselves, when we are connected to ourselves, we shine, and everyone notices.

The journey is not an easy one, but it is not difficult either. It calls upon faith, intention and strength. I hope to inspire you with tools and practices that I use myself. If you are searching for you, if you are searching for guidance, contact me and then we can talk, heart to heart, about how we can help each other.

I am forever a student,
forever a seeker
of peace of mind,
peace of heart,
I am forever Karen.

I am certified as a:

C.H.E.K Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach
Hatha Yoga Teacher
EFT Therapist
Metabolic Typing Advisor